What Are The 3 Bureau Credit Report

“What Are The 3 Bureau Credit Report?” written by Mike Marko

You have probably heard about credit reports and the three different credit bureaus.  

The top 3 bureau credit report is used by financial institutions for mortgages, loans, etc…

And property managers can use them too.

That’s why in this blog post I want to talk about the 3 bureau credit report and how each report is different.

3 Bureau Credit Report: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax

Before we can really dive into the 3 bureau credit report let’s first talk about what is a credit bureau.

What Is A Credit Bureau

A credit bureau is a company that gathers and stores credit and financial information and history of financial transactions of an individual. After they compile a credit report they then sell the credit information to consumers through a credit report.

Although there are tons of credit bureaus, the credit bureaus that banks, financial institutions, and other financial reporting agencies must regularly work with are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

These three credit bureaus compile a 3 bureau credit report that is regularly used by financial institutions on approving credit and loans.

However, the 3 bureau credit report is also a key tool that can help a property manager determine if a potential renter has excellent or bad credit.

TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax are the major credit checking bureaus.

They are the ones competing just to provide credit checks for their clients. This 3 credit bureau captures, stores, and update all credit histories of their consumers, business, organizations, lenders, or even property managers.

Although they provide the same service they still have a bit of difference from one another. Still, these 3 credit bureaus serve great benefits for a property manager.

Starting from here, I will talk about these 3 bureau credit report. And help you further understand the benefits of using them for a property manager.


TransUnion is one among the 3 bureau credit report. It was founded in 1968 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company operates worldwide. They serve U.S clients and others who are not residents of the USA.

TransUnion provides its clients with a diverse set of learning materials that tackles about credit management and financial issues.

Their company partners are:

  • banks
  • health care providers
  • property managers
  • other appropriate companies

In partnering up with major financial institutions, this helps them provide complete and multidimensional information to their clients. Helping them achieve the best information to sell and provide to their clients.

In the list partners, you probably saw that they do partner up with property management companies. From there, you can easily sense that TransUnion will be beneficial for you.

TransUnion’s primary focus is “Information for Good”. What does that mean?

It is the process of providing the right information that is analyzed by their best people in order to help develop informed decisions for their clients.

TransUnion has a Credit Learning Center that gives consumers useful information and answers to the most common credit questions.


Experian or Experian plc is also among the 3 bureau credit report. It was founded in 1966 and currently has three headquarters. It is a global service information group that is operating in 40 countries.

So what are the company’s main responsibilities?

One of their focal responsibilities is to assist their clients in managing their consumer credit risk. They also empower their consumers to understand and help them responsibly use credit in their day to day lives.

Many companies pay Experian to provide them credible leads for direct mailing and preapproved offers related to credit or any information needed in their business.

Experian creates opportunities for their clients such as many of their clients are local businesses, financial institutions looking for more customers, or property managers. The company help manages their client’s data in order for the clients to maximize every opportunity given to them.

The company’s key roles in helping are:

  • To their clients – Experian helps them take financial control and access to financial services
  • To businesses – Experian helps them make smarter decisions and thrive
  • To lenders – Experian helps them to lend more responsibly
  • To organizations – Experian helps them prevent any identity fraud and crime


Equifax is a credit bureau that empowers the financial future of consumers around the world. They offer their clients a combined strength of unique and trusted data, technology, and innovative analytics.

The company is a leading provider of insights and knowledge that seeks to help its clients make informed decisions. They organize, assimilate, and analyze data from a consumer local or international.

Wondering how old the company is?

Equifax has been operating for a hundred years now. It is older than TransUnion and Experian. Because of this, they have multiple headquarters around the world. But their main headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are looking for a veteran between the 3 credit bureau report to do your credit checks then Equifax is your choice. With an almost perfect credit report, a property manager won’t need to worry about anything regarding possible renters in their financial abilities to pay their bills on time.

They have the vision to become a global leader in information solutions. These solutions must create unparalleled insights in order to solve any customer challenges that they will face. This is probably why they are among the most popular 3 bureau credit report.

The Noticeable Difference Of The 3 Bureau Credit Report

You may be wondering if there really is any difference… after all, they all look just the same. But there actually is a difference.

So what are the differences between the three?

The most visible difference would be on how each of these 3 bureau credit report score credits.

TransUnion uses a default credit score. It is called VantageScore and was created to become an alternative to FICO System. TransUnion also has TransRisk. It is the company’s predictive scoring system.

Experian has its own FICO System/Experian System. It is a FICO Risk Model v2. The company uses this for their credit scores.

Equifax has its Equifax Credit Score use as a proprietary scoring system for the credit checks.

Because of this difference, you will get to see differences in credit scores. As a property manager, if you use all these 3 credit bureaus you will have 3 different credit scores for your credit check.

The credit scores are based on how each bureau’s calculation method differs.

Also, not all of the three bureaus have the same information and data regarding someone’s credit report. And they may also acquire different data at a different time.

Final Thoughts About The 3 Bureau Credit Report

The 3 bureau credit report from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax may all look the same but they aren’t.  As we discussed, they each provide different types of information.   It’s good for a property manager to understand all the 3 credit bureaus. Knowing them helps you further understand which credit bureau will suit your needs.

I hope I helped in widening your knowledge about the 3 bureau credit report with this blog post.

If you have questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment box below.




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