American Apartment Owners Association For Property Managers

“American Apartment Owners Association For Landlords And Property Managers” written by Mike Marko

Are you looking for an association that can help you in your property management business?

The American Apartment Owners Association might be the solution that you’re looking for. It’s an association that focuses on helping their members in the property management industry.

What does this association do for its members? How can they particularly help their members with their rental businesses?

Today I’m going to share with you information about the American Apartment Owners Association. By the end of this blog post, you may decide you want to become a member.

Note that we are not associated with the Apartment Owners Association; this is an independent review.

A Short Guide About The American Apartment Owners Association

As a property manager, you should always be looking for information and organizations that will help you in streamlining your business and help in making your business more profitable and efficient. At some point, a property manager would need to understand and research all of the government and private institutions that help in understanding and working in the rental property management industry.

Commonly, a property manager has finished a degree in Property Management through a respected educational institution or college. However, just having a degree is not enough. Instead, it’s still important for every property manager to be updated by the latest information about the property management industry.

In this blog post, we’ll get to know about the American Apartment Owners Association and how this association can help every property manager keep up to date and informed about the rental property management industry.

Knowing who and what the American Apartment Owners Association is and what they do is the first step to understanding how they can help any property manager learn and keep informed about the rental property management industry...

Who Is The American Apartment Owners Association

The American Apartment Owners Association or AAOA is an association that centers its mission on serving the interests of landlords, property managers, real estate owners, apartment building owners and real estate brokers nationally.

AAOA’s job is to make the day-to-day property management smoother through their offers of knowledge about the industry and their comprehensive programs and help for landlords and property managers.

The American Apartment Owners Association provides a variety of resources ranging from tenant background checks, tenant screening services, apartment financing, and even landlord rental application forms.

American Apartment Owners Association Resources

AAOA focuses on superior property management services for their landlords and property managers. These services will help them be equipped and be able to better manage their properties.

Here are the resources that AAOA offers as part of their property management services.

Landlord Forms

The American Apartment Owners Association has over 30 essential landlord or property management forms to offer. Notices for eviction, addendums, and application forms are just part of their list of forms that they offer.

If you are just a new property manager and you’re not yet familiar with creating your own forms having a resource like the AAOA to get basic drafts of forms will be a great help to you. When using a resource like the AAOA you should use their forms as a guide or basis for creating your own forms or documents. Often the forms are complete enough that you can just use it then modify it a little to conform with your rules in your rental unit.

The forms offered by the AAOA are easy to download and print. The forms are provided with accuracy and reliability and in most cases are legally compliant and easy to use.

You can click here to view the full list of AAOA’s landlord forms.

Tenant Screening

The most beneficial resource that AAOA offers is their comprehensive and instant tenant background screening services. The AAOA is a resource that also offers a pay for information service when doing background checks and tenant screening services. What they offer is a solution-oriented and efficient tenant credit check made for landlords. If you haven’t partnered with any tenant screening companies, then you can consider the help of the AAOA with your tenant screening process.

A simple and easy to use online service for beginners but… it’s also comprehensive enough to serve their members who have high volumes of units. The AAOA has a customer service support that is always readily available during business hours that will help you whenever you have questions.

The tenant background screening services that they offer for a fee include reports like credit checks, criminal history, and Social Security Number verification.

AAOA is FCRA compliant which means that the reports they will provide to you will help in minimizing your risk and being able to find reliable tenants. All you need to do is to enter your applicant’s details and you’ll immediately learn if the applicant has had any criminal history, financial problems, or evictions.

Property Management Software

The AAOA has partnered up with a property management software called ManageZoom. The AAOA together with ManageZoom helps landlords in marketing their vacancies, coordinating their maintenance repairs, modifying their leasing agreements, collecting their rent online and even running their instant background checks.

ManageZoom’s monthly membership helps landlords by providing them access to an online account that has time-saving tools. ManageZoom is a product specifically designed to be affordable and user-friendly for landlords, property management companies, homeowners associations, and apartment buildings.

With ManageZoom, users can have the freedom of managing their properties whenever and wherever they are. Being a member of AAOA will provide you a 30-day free trial and discounted prices when using ManageZoom.

RENT Magazine

In addition to partnering up with a property management software, the AAOA also produces and distributes a bi-monthly magazine called RENT. The “RENT” Magazine is a bi-monthly print publication that is exclusively designed by American Apartment Owners Association for their members. The magazine has contents that include contributions from experts in property management.

RENT magazine also includes contributions from experts in real estate law, home improvement and much more. The magazine also provides answers and solutions to the common problems that a landlord or property manager faces.

The subscription to the AAOA RENT magazine is included in their Basic and Value membership.

Vendor Directory

American Apartment Owners Association provides a list of the best vendors for landlords and property managers. This makes it easy for you to source the best of vendors especially for maintenance and repairs of your property.

The list is state-based which will provide you an access to countless of approved and best vendors.

Updates And News

AAOA keeps their landlords informed with the latest real estate news that can help them improve more on property management services and decision making. AAOA continuously educate and equip their members with relevant information from trustworthy sources.

You can subscribe to their free e-newsletter or browse their site for an online archive that has thousands of approved articles that can help landlords.

American Owners Apartment Association Solutions

Becoming a member of American Apartment Owners Association means getting a list of solutions from the association.

Here is the list of solutions AAOA offers many of these solutions come at additional costs so check with the AAOA website to determine costs...

Tenant Screening

The AAOA offers a tenant screening solution as a pay for information solution. This tenant screening solution includes tenant credit checks, eviction, criminal, and a lot more for landlords. The tenant screening is offered in many packages and costs so depending on your budget and needs you can find a package that will fit your needs whether you have one or multiple rentals.

Most of the packages come with a tenant credit check to assure you that you will only find the best value in rental background checks.

The payment for the cost of the credit check in many States can also be passed on to the applicant. Be sure to check your local laws regarding passing this cost on to the applicant…

Rent Collection

Another pay of service solution that is offered by the AAOA is Rent collection. Their Rent collection solution is a solution offered by AAOA partnered with Rent Recovery Service. Rent Recovery Services specialize in collecting rents, delinquent rent, and offering a solution to your rent collections for your property management business. So if you encounter tenants that left owing you money. Rent collection services make it easy to add these bad tenant payers to their credit report. Then they will have to deal with you first before they can even get another apartment, car loan, or a credit card.

Rent Recovery Service is a collection agency that can help you collect delinquent rent easily. They have credit bureau reporting and a flat fee debt collection as well as a contingency based debt collection that enables them to collect delinquent rents.

Rental Listings

AAOA offers three sites where you can create your own rental listings.

Home Button allows its users to post an unlimited number of their rental ads. They have no restriction when it comes to the number of photos included. Being a user means you have the ability to keep rental property addresses. You can also save or hide your ads for later.

Home Button also uses Google Maps and Walkscore which both helps landlords in highlighting the neighborhood amenities and walkability of their property.

CampusCribz offers listings on college housing and roommate services. You gain the ability to create your housing profile. CampusCribz formed partnerships with universities across the country to make sure their students are situated in housing areas that are affordable and comfortable.

CallItHome provides listings on housing as well as the ability to create a housing profile. CallItHome has partnerships with local newspapers across the country. The partnerships help to make sure that an affordable and comfortable housing is combined with the local aspect.

Landlord Property Management Software

AAOA is partnered with the leading online management tools and property management software products that offer a lot of features to its users.

  • ManageZoom

ManageZoom is an all-in-one online management tool that can help you manage your properties. It is the ideal landlord management software for multi-unit portfolios. You can take tenant applications, consolidate forms, respond to maintenance requests, market available properties and manage your accounting needs in a single comprehensive property management software.

You can streamline the property management process on a single platform. This helps you to monitor and manage your property or multiple properties with ease. ManageZoom is paperless. You can even send applications and accept signatures digitally.

You can save 50% if you are an AAOA Value member, and 25% off for free members.

Property Matrix is a cloud-based property management software. It is geared towards apartment complexes, commercial properties, and multi-family units.

Property Matrix has a full suite of applications that can easily manage multiple properties. You get to experience tenant and lease tracking, building maintenance, property accounting, online classifieds, and CRM.

The software also comes with an accounting package that includes accounts payable, a general ledger, accounts receivable, check scanning, and a detailed transaction history. You’ll also have a maintenance smartphone application used for work order tracking.

It also comes with a marketing module that allows you to post on Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist, online tenant applications and an integrated tenant screening.

You can gain a free month service if you are an AAOA member.

Rentec Direct offers an intuitive system that can make managing multiple properties, tenants, and accounts easier. To make your job easier, Rentec Direct offers QuickBooks integration and portals to landlords, property managers, and even tenants.

Users will also have online lease signing and tenant screening when they use Rentec Direct. Being an AAOA member means you get 20% off with their yearly software subscription.

Tenant File is an easy-to-use property management software that is good for tracking rent and expenses. You can run reports easily without you performing a monthly closing. You can even set up automatic payments for your contractors at a lower price. If you are an AAOA member, you’ll get it or $249.95.

Local Vendors

AAOA provides extensive national and local listings that can make it easier for landlords and real estate investors to find subcontractors. The listings include a variety of vendors who specialize in different industries like home repairs, apartment repairs, rental maintenance, and landscaping. This listing will be helpful for every property manager as they have to do repairs, renovations, or improvements to the rental units.


Being a member of American Apartment Owners Association will give you access to discounts that can help your property management business. Click this list for all the exclusive super saver discounts offered by AAOA with select companies.

Final Thoughts On American Apartment Owners Association

In this blog post, we talked about the American Apartment Owners Association (or AAOA). The AAOA centers its services on providing help for landlords as well as property managers. The AAOA helps by equipping landlords and property managers both knowledge and solutions that can help them with their property management business.

Becoming an AAOA member will provide you with a lot of benefits that can be useful and advantageous for your property. We covered a lot of these benefits in this blog post.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the American Apartment Owners Association please leave them in the comment section below.




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