How To Do A Tenant Background Check Online

“How To Do A Tenant Background Check Online” written by Mike Marko

Do you know that it is now possible to do a tenant background check online?

You don’t have to struggle with scanning or faxing the information to a background check agency.

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the tenants you choose to rent your property have a good rental history. That’s the reason why you need to do a background check. This process will prevent you from having problems with your future tenants.

In this article, I will show you the benefits and also where you can do a background check online.

Tenant Screening Services That Conduct Background Check Online

As the landlord and property manager, you should never rely or believe everything the renter provides on their rental application and supporting documents.  It is better to be cautious and find out all the information [possible regarding the renter and their past, than to be a victim of bad tenants who might only give you problems while they are renting your property.

Doing a tenant screening and background check online can help identify if the information on the rental application is correct.

The internet has become an excellent tool for property managers to do a background check online. In addition to background checks, many of the online services use a tenant screening process that helps in the search for the most qualified renters.

Tenant screening services help to further the information that you have on the prospective renters. Developing your own Background check and tenant screening process is essential in finding the best renters for your property.

After you complete the preliminary background check in your office, the next step is to verify the information on their rental application form. This process can easily be done online.

Sites That Offer Background Check Online

The internet offers hundreds of sites that do a background check online. Finding the right one that can match your rental screening and background check process is the key to finding the most qualified renters.

If you are thinking about conducting background check online, here’s a list of different websites that could help you.


Many landlords choose RentRep. Their FCRA Certified Screeners use multiple resources to produce accurate tenant screening and background check reports. The prices of their services range from $18 to $34.

RentPrep’s basic package includes the tenant’s basic information such as address history, eviction history, bankruptcies, and judgment and liens search.  Their premium package includes almost all important information such as SSN Verification, Judgments & Liens Search, U.S. Criminal Search, U.S. Sex Offender Search and Global Homeland Security Search.

My Rental

My Rental has a number of different screening tools that can be useful in conducting a background check online for applying tenants.

Aside from tenant screening services, their website also has interactive and informative content that can help with property management. A live chat is offered along with educational articles that can be useful to those just started their rental business.


SmartMove is an internet screening company that is often used by small time and independent landowners.

Intentionally made to help small-time landlords, their services offer the same quality of services by large screening companies.


Experian can provide a great summary of an applying tenant. As one of the world’s business information companies, they have their own customized score about a tenant’s background.

Tenant Verification

Tenant Verification Services or TVS is a Credit Reporting Agency that provides useful tools that can be used in avoiding scams. Their priority is to help every landlord in eliminating delinquent applicants and choosing the right tenants for their property.


If you don’t want to read lengthy pages while conducting a background check of your potential tenant, this is the suitable website for you.

LeaseRunner offers four tenant screening reports, Credit Report, Criminal Report, Eviction Check and Financial Profile.

American Tenant Screen

This website offers affordable options in running a background check on potential tenants. Though their services are offered at a cheap price, they can still provide accurate criminal records, credit reports, and other reports that are needed in running evaluating an applying tenant.


Top1Score is my favorite of the choices.  You can conduct a background check and get a score for as little as $5 per tenant check.  This is a great way to screen tenants and keep the rest of the application fee until you narrow down the tenants to one or two choices, and then conduct a criminal background check.

Be Cautious About Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most reported types of fraud. Since the start of the new millennium, 37 states have created legislation outlawing “Identity Theft” as a separate, distinct crime. Violating this law could result in 15 years in prison or $250,000 fine.

Almost 7 percent of American families are victimized by Identity Theft and as the landlord or property manager, it is your responsibility to choose the right tenants. A lot of tenant screening companies are offering assistance in evaluating a rental application. However, if you are tight on budget, you could verify the applying tenant’s identity using the internet.

Now that most people have accounts on social media, it is easy to identify the fake profiles. Making a contact with their friends and previous landlords could also help you in verifying their identity.

Even companies have pages on every social media website. You could also contact them to verify the identity of the applying tenant.

Final Thoughts On Doing A Tenant Background Check Online

Tenant screening is a crucial part of being a property manager.  Running a background check online on every applying tenant can help you to verify the information on their rental application. This will test their honesty and reliability. It’s not advisable to accept renters who are not honest regarding the information about them.

If you are not contented with your own research, you can visit websites that could help you in running tenant background check online. Using their service may cost you some money but it will be useful in a lot of ways. Be wise, the future of your rental property depends on the tenants that you chose. 

If you have suggestions about background check online, feel free to add them to the comments below. 




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