Who Offers A Background Check Texas Based

“Who Offers A Background Check Texas Based” written by Mike Marko

Are you a property manager residing in Texas?

If you are, or in the process of becoming one… you’ll be accepting rental applications.  Although accepting them is easy, the work and challenge are knowing how to properly screen them.

That’s where the background check comes in. It’ll help you screen and rank the rental candidates… and ultimately help you pick the best tenants for your rental units.

Today’s blog post will help you in selecting someone to help you conduct the background check. I’ve prepared and reviewed a short list of companies that offer a background check Texas.  

Sites That Offer A Background Check Texas Based

Conducting background checks on potential tenants is common in every state. A background check is a compilation of information about a person.

A property manager can decide the type and extent of a background check when taking applications for rentals of their properties. When doing a background check on applicants that are wishing to rent your rental units you will be provided the information and history of your potential tenant(s) like (but not limited to) criminal records and financial records.

Since background checks are commonly performed in every state finding a reputable company online in your area is easy. When looking for companies offering a background check, you need to verify that these companies can provide you the needed checks in the State you are renting your units in. So when looking to find a background check company for Texas-based background checks you would benefit by contacting them to ensure they can deliver the background checks needed and required for the State of Texas.

The following sections will review many background check companies that follow Texas requirements in completing background checks on potential renters.

Cozy Background Check Company

Cozy offers a Texas-based background check. Cozy was founded in San Francisco in March of 2012. They are currently headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

The company performs background checks for most of the USA and has confirmed that they do background checks for Texas-based rentals. The company offers a way for applicants to pay for the background check reports which basically makes them a free service when the tenant pays. Cozy also offers customized background checks designed for independent landlords residing in Texas.

What’s In A Report

Cozy services include background check reports that feature everything in one place. You can easily and quickly see information, read reports, review records of your potential tenant. Cozy basic reports include the following on your potential tenant’s information.

  • Employment
  • Salary
  • Residential history
  • Credit report
  • References

Like many online services, they are required to have online security when transferring data and reports. Cozy reports meet the online security requirements and their reports that are run for you are secured. An advantage of their reports is they are real-time, which means you can quickly view your tenant’s credit report after ordering and paying for the service.

The company’s credit reports are compiled directly from relationships with the 3 major credit reporting bureaus Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. They optimize and customize reports for smart and fast decisions.

Summary Report

You get to have a clear summary of your potential tenant’s…

  • Credit score
  • Debt
  • Payment history

Cozy background reports can be free due to the applicant paying for the background check report. However, the actual cost charged by Cozy to do a complete background check is $39.99 at time of this article.

Free Background Checks USA

A free background check is an online company that performs background checks. Their company name is a bit deceiving, they give limited information and has links to other free sites that give you limited and sometimes outdated information. If you’re looking for the company who will direct you to free information background check sites that have you do the work of entering the potential tenant’s information, then Free Background Checks USA is a good choice. They offer a background check Texas based.

It’s Free

It’s completely free and shows you where to find the information on your prospective tenants on your own. They have links to pertinent state agencies that allow you to enter information to do a free background check.

However, if you don’t have complete information on your tenant or your tenant has changed their name or has aliases, then the agencies you are accessing might give you wrong info or incomplete info.


The agencies they link with include:

  • Dept of Public Safety Sex Offender Registration for sex offender registry.
  • DPS – Access & Dissemination Bureau for criminal records.
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice Bureau of Classification and Records for incarceration records.
  • A visit to the Texas courts for finding court records.

What You Can Do

The time it takes to conduct your own background check on the sites linked is the opportunity cost that you incur. The company will provide you an easy access to state-specific information and it’s all free. If you choose to do it on your own then using the site you can do the following:

  • Background search
  • Search a National Sex Offender Registry
  • Compare state crime statistics
  • Read informative industry articles
  • Purchase additional premium services

A free background check is a great place to start if you are doing background checks on your own. The online databases they have links to allow you to do a fairly decent background check on your own.


ScreeningWorks is another online company that offers background checks. ScreeningWorks has a convenient, inexpensive, and a comprehensive Texas-based background check. ScreeningWorks background checks are mainly offered for independent rental owners (IRO), small property managers, and leasing agents.

When accessing their background reports you can normally expect to get a complete background report within 15 minutes. The results are made for easier interpretation as they are easy to read. You pay as you go, they offer a system that allows you to pay only for each applicant that you want to screen.

Their product package offered at $29.95 includes the following:

Criminal Check

A multi-state criminal background report that includes the disposition date, arrest date, county, case #, defendant name, DOB, race, sex, charge(s), dispositions and sentence.

Eviction Check

Includes a search of databases where suits are filed/pending. This can also include monetary and non-monetary judgments (forcible entry/detainer).

The reports will include the defendants involved, plaintiff, any particular comments on the case, any suits or petitions filed, or judgments.

Credit Evaluation

Provides a rating for the credit risk and may be rated as Minimal, Elevated, or Serious.

Address Search

A database powered search pulling address information from many sources. It includes postal address records, financial institutions, utility service providers, and a lot more.

A comprehensive and up-to-date result with pictures of where the applicant moved from and have lived from will be given.

National Sex Offender

Gives a search of the national sex offender registry.

OFAC – US Treasury Dept. Database

The listing will include names and descriptions of known terrorists. Individuals that are identified as threats to the country’s interests and security is also included.

Individuals that are involved in narcotics trafficking and organized crime will also be a part of the list.

Social Security Number Fraud Check

Allows you identification of potentially fraudulent activity or identity theft. ScreeningWorks will automatically flag the SSN of any deceased individuals and those that were issued within the past 5 years.


E-Renter is a consumer reporting agency that also offers a Texas-based background check. It is used by individual landlords, property management companies,  tenant screening companies.

Their easy to access online system requires that you have the following information on your applicant. This includes:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Previous address
  • Bank account number (optional)
  • Bank routing number (optional)

What’s In The Report

ERenter background report covers…

  • Criminal, OFAC/Patriot Act & Sex Offender Records. It is a nationwide search where results are taken from Texas courts.
  • Eviction Records. Records are taken from the available list of counties found here.
  • Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments. Records are taken from a list of counties that can be found in this part of their website.

What Packages Are Offered

E-Renter’s screening packages are offered in three options.

Option 1: The background check offered at $19.95 includes SSN validation, OFAC/Patriot Act search, eviction and suits, liens and judgments, bankruptcies, criminal record search, and a sex offender search.

Option 2: The credit check that is based on the applicant’s credit file, FICO score, bankruptcies, judgments, collections, and all that is included in the background check. It is offered at $29.95.

Option 3: The advanced background check which has both the background check and credit check. It also includes a rent check advisor, the applicant identity check, validation off applicant’s name and address, the applicant’s SSN name match, and the Social Security death index. All offered at $34.95.

All three packages are subject to an additional $1.99 fee. This is used to ensure the consent of the applicant to release the information about his or her credit profile.

The fee is paid by the applicant upon logging into E-Renter’s website. The credit check portion of the report will not be completed if the applicant will not pay this fee.

How Long Does It Take?

Just a note, when you apply on their site for an account it usually takes around 7-10 business days to be approved. This depends on how complete your submitted application was.

Also, they will do an onsite inspection which is required before you begin screening tenants. The schedule of the inspection will be within 2-3 business days. The inspection costs $65.


RentPrep is a company that has FCRA certified screeners. Their background check Texas based is designed to help protect a landlord’s real estate investment.

The company provides resources for tenant screening. Links to the resources are provided by the company on their website.

Here are the following resources they provide:

Rental Application PDF

It is a rental application form in PDF format. You’ll need to have all of the blank spaces filled out by your prospective tenant.

Move-In Move-Out Checklist

It’s a checklist made to help after the tenant screening process is over. This makes sure that you are able to document the condition of the property.

Rental Lease Agreement

An editable document is provided by RentPrep. This is for when you are done deciding on a tenant. You can use it as the basis for your own rental lease agreement

Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA

RentPrep’s screeners are FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) certified so you need not worry as compliance to tenant screening laws.

Tenant Screening Guide

It’s a unique version of RentPrep’s guide to those looking for tenant screening. Guess Who is a fun and informational game created to help in guiding you for the tenant screening process.

Texas Tenants Guide

Guide created from the Texas Attorney General.

Texas Landlord/Tenants Statutes and Codes  

Will help you have an in-depth look at all the Texas laws specifically for the landlord-tenant relationship.


RentPrep offers Pro, Basic, Platinum, and SmartMove packages for their background checks. They are hand-compiled by their FCRA screeners in their office in the state New York. Their packages do not require any tenant involvement.

Prices are as follows:

  • The Basic package is offered at $18.95 per report.
  • Pro package at $22.95 per report.
  • Premium package at $34.95 per report
  • SmartMove package is priced at $35 per report. It’s offered with a full credit report and the ability to have the tenant pay for the screening report.

Final Thoughts On Background Check Texas State Based

I took the time to prepare and review a bunch of sites that offer a background check Texas (based). Anyone of these sites can help you in doing your tenant background check. Two of them offers background checks for “free” (one by directly charging the tenants). The rest are offered at very reasonable prices.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you with regards to which company will work best with your property management goals.  If you have any questions, please comment below.




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