Important Safety Tips For Commercial Property Rental Businesses

“Important Safety Tips For Commercial Property Rental Businesses” written by Mike Marko

Looking for ways to reduce incidents on your property?

Preventing accidents should be a priority for any rental property. Frequent accidents on a commercial property will not only affect the property management, but it will also affect the tenants’ businesses.

Ensuring the safety of your tenants is one of your responsibility as a property manager. You need to prevent potential incidents that could happen in and around your commercial property rental business.

Failing to do your due diligence can open you up for potential litigation if someone gets hurt.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can ensure safety in your commercial property rental business. These easy tips can help you prevent potential accidents and retain your tenants.

Ensuring Safety on Commercial Property Rental Businesses

When your commercial property portrays the image of a safe and habitable haven, more tenants would come in and choose to stay. That’s why ensuring their security and comfortability should be a priority for you as the property manager.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the key responsibilities and tasks a property manager must do to ensure the safety of their commercial property rental businesses.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

While the tenant is responsible for the safekeeping and maintenance of their rented properties, the property manager is liable for their health and safety.

The property manager should do whatever it takes to ensure that his/her property complies with all of the safety requirements of the area or local government.

Consider offering insurances that will cover medical and safety expenses. This will keep your clients complacent about their security, putting their trust more in you.

Clean the Gutters

During the rainy season, leaves fall and land on roofs and gutters. Moreover, fallen leaves from gutters will scatter around pavements and walkways, which may lead to potential risks such as slipping and falling.

It is important to ensure that the gutters are regularly cleaned and maintained so as to avoid these accidents. This will not only improve the atmosphere around your property’s exterior, but it will also save you from paying for medical expenses due to negligence.

Prepare for the Winter Season

Snow isn’t always a beautiful sight. As it piles up, it becomes an inconvenience to many, as it becomes an obstruction to pavements and other spaces.

To prepare for the hassles brought by snow, consider hiring a snow removal or ice maintenance service. They will ensure your building’s safety after a storm is addressed. However, you still need to have your own snow and ice removal tools ready for use. Having snow removal tools can help your tenants take care of the snow themselves.

One more thing to consider is to install heating pads to places where the snow piles up the most, or places where cars and people pass by.

Tips During Winter Season

If you hire an ice maintenance service, perform regular assessments of their work and progress during snow removal. Address what can be done to improve work effectiveness and efficiency. You can also assign staff to routinely shovel the snow and put ice melts on snowy or icy areas. These can prevent snow-related problems on your property from getting worse.

Deal with Electrical Issues

Wiring and electrical issues should be considered a priority in your commercial property rental business. When left untended, these may be a potential source of fire and other safety hazards.

Make sure that your lighting systems are properly working, and the wires are well-kept. Regularly examine fixtures and outlets. Always change burnt-out bulbs. Keep electrical utilities and fuse boxes dry.

Safety Tips Against Fire Hazards

Fires—though they may seem inevitable—can be prevented with utmost preparation and efforts for deterrence. The following tips can help you reduce the hazards inside your property.

  • Check furnaces and make sure that the routine maintenance is accomplished, such as changing or cleaning filters.
  • Put a screen on your fireplace to prevent the sparks from coming out.
  • Ensure that space heaters should be UL-listed.
  • Make sure that no flammable materials are near or within the vicinity reach of the heat sources.
  • For properties having laundry facilities, remember to clean out dryer vents.
  • Keep in mind to inspect and replace old batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Final Thoughts on Important Safety Tips for Commercial Property Rental Businesses

In this article, we talked about safety tips for your commercial property rental business. Always remember that it’s the property manager’s responsibility to ensure that you minimize the likelihood of injury in and around your property.

Preparation is the key to prevention.

With that said, the property manager must prepare for the harsh conditions the varying seasons may bring. Some of the things he/she can do are:

  • Maintain the cleanliness around the gutters, pavements, and walkways,
  • Prevent snow from piling up and causing major damages to the property,
  • Fixing electrical issues, and
  • Taking note of potential fire hazards around the property.

If you have more questions about tips on keeping your commercial property rental business safe and secure for your tenants, just leave them in the comments section below.




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Article: Important Safety Tips For Commercial Property Rental Businesses

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