7 Reminders For Property Managers In Maintaining House Rentals

“7 Reminders For Property Managers In Maintaining House Rentals” written by Mike Marko

There’s a lot to managing house rentals when you are a property manager.

As a property manager, one of your responsibilities is to maintain the house rentals and make sure they are safe and habitable places to live. Maintaining the place habitable will do you a favor in the long run. By keeping the house rentals habitable and a cozy place to live in, good tenants will tend to stay renting from you for a longer period.  This means reduced turnover, and minimizing additional expense.  

So what do you have to do in order to maintain house rentals so tenants stay?

In this article, I’ll go over what you should check during your inspection of the house rentals and what you should do to keep the house rentals comfortable place for your tenants to live in.

Keeping The House Rentals Habitable For Your Tenants

As a property management firm, you must ensure that the houses that you are renting are habitable and without issues. This is required to make sure that when a tenant is living in the house rental they will not have neglectful injuries or conditions caused by un-inhabitable premises.

Prior to renting the unit, you must ensure that the house rental is habitable and agreed to in the rental contract. Normally when the rental starts it is the responsibility of your tenants to take care of the house rentals during the lease term. However, as a property manager, you should be attentive to the condition of the property and encourage your tenants to ask for improvements or repairs to the property when they find the need. To ensure that the property maintains habitability it is important to agree on the rental contract to have the right to run inspections from time to time.

Property managers are required to make sure that the house rentals are always in good condition. When something needs to be repaired or fixed it’s required to make these repairs in a timely manner. By following this suggestion to make repairs in a timely fashion you can prevent incurring additional costs or accidents to the tenants in your house rentals.

Whenever you run inspections in the house rentals, make sure that you check almost every corner of the property.

Here are 7 reminders that you should do in maintaining the house rentals:

1. The house rental is always painted and maintained.

When overseeing an investor’s rental it is always important to maintain the outside condition of the house rental. Regular painting and cleaning of stucco are important to avoid unforeseen damages and repairs to the outside of the house rental. By maintaining the outside condition of the house rental you can avoid wood rot and other damages because they can be fixed when identified by painters. Additionally, if a wood house is not constantly maintained and painted the wood will also deteriorate faster. Repainting walls might cost you but if the wood of the exterior part of the house rentals deteriorated, it will cost you greater to change the walls. Identifying deterioration and wood rot or termite damage beginning can save a large amount of money to investors and help maintain the habitability of the property.

2. Check your house rental foundation.

Damage to a house rental foundation is probably the most expensive thing to repair. To ensure that you catch possible damages or repairs before they damage your house rental foundation is key to keeping house repairs of your properties down. Part of the process of checking the foundation of the house is to ensure that the dirt surrounding the foundation will not drop or wash back towards the foundation. If there are holes around the foundation, fill in those holes. Put a dirt backfill around the foundation so that the water will drain away from the house rentals and not into the basement.

3. Clear out the leaves and debris on the gutters.

If your house rental has gutters for drainage from rainstorms you should be aware that these gutters constantly need to be watched for blockages from leaves and other debris. If you will not clean the gutter, the water will move down the drains and it could leak inside the house rentals. It will become a huge problem for the tenants inside the property and could cost you a major repair for water damage to the property.

4. Seal the gaps on all the windows and doors.

Inspect windows and doors for gaps. Seal those gaps using a weatherproof sealant to avoid water from coming in and damaging the property. Sealing the gaps can also help avoid heat loss in the home. Your tenants will be thankful to you especially during cold seasons.

5. Watch out for dead tree branches.

Look for any dead branches that are hanging down from the trees near your property. Also, check the base of the trees and you need to remove them if there are rotting at the bottom.  If you are proactive, you can prevent trees from falling on one of the house rentals or a neighbor’s house. Falling trees may cause damage to the house rentals. Dead branches may also harm your tenants once it fell to them.

6. Check the roof for broken or missing shingles.

You should do this especially after a bad storm or high winds. When there are broken shingles on your roof, water will come through it and it might cause damage inside the house rentals. A small roof leak can also cause mold to appear in it… and mitigating mold damage can be costly.

7. Clean and inspect the heating and air conditioning system.

Do this once a year.  You should also change the filters month to month. By doing this, the HVAC system will be more efficient and it will also prevent it from breaking run as often (saving additional cost).

Final Thoughts On 7 Reminders For Property Managers in Maintaining House Rentals

As a property manager, it’s your primary responsibility to keep your house rentals habitable for your tenants. This will help reduce turnover and thus minimize extra expense.  Inspect the house rentals from time to time… and implement the tips we cover in this article.  

Let me know if you have any questions or additional ideas in the comment section below.




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Article: 7 Reminders For Property Managers In Maintaining House Rentals


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