The 5 Main Responsibilities Of Real Estate Management Companies

“The 5 Main Responsibilities Of Real Estate Management Companies” written by Mike Marko

Are you looking to learn more about real estate management companies?

In place of the real estate owner (landlord), real estate management companies are the ones who take charge of managing rental properties. Real estate management companies work to ensure that the properties are fully functioning, operating well, and rented.

But… there’s more to real estate management than it appears on the surface.

That’s why I’m going to take the time to talk to you about real estate management companies and what all they do for the landlord.

Responsibilities Of Real Estate Management Companies

Real estate management companies play an important role when it comes to rental properties.  They take on several roles and responsibilities.  

But before we talk about the roles and responsibilities, let’s do a little refresher what a property management company is about.

What Are Real Estate Management Companies

Real estate management companies deal directly with prospects and tenants, saving you time and worry over marketing your rentals, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and even pursuing evictions. Plus, a good management company brings its know-how and experience to your property, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in good hands. Finally, a management company is an independent contractor, so you avoid the hassles of being an employer.

By charging a fee of each month’s rent, real estate management companies profit while allowing an investor to focus on investing.

1. Making Sure the Property is Rented

The first goal of a real estate management company is to make sure all the units that they are managing are rented and making profits. The main goal of any property investor or landowner is to make a profit. When there are hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in a rental property, there will be no return on investment until the property is rented.

A good property management firm has all the forms, authorizations, and a system set up to help rent units and keep them full with qualified renters. Having consistent rents in investment properties is vital for them to thrive and become profitable.

Real estate investors are normally looking for property and land to invest in they do not normally have the skills to run the properties on a day to day basis.

Since proper knowledge, licensing, and expertise is needed to start and run a property management firm, property owners often seek the help of an established real estate management firm. The purpose of hiring a property management company is to help the owner to take care of all the property that he or she has acquired.

2. Taking Care Of Tenants And Their Concerns

Another responsibility of real estate management companies is to taking care of the tenants and making sure they are happy and satisfied with renting the unit they are renting. Finding qualified tenants to move in is only the first part of a real estate management companies responsibility. Taking care of every issue, problem, or need that the tenant may have is an important part of the property management companies requirements. A property management firm needs to be available whenever tenants need help with regards to the real estate units they have rented.

A good property management company offers real estate management will take care of the investor’s estate in lieu of the real estate’s owner.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping rental units occupied with tenants includes taking care of the property and all that arises during the rental of the property. Daily and monthly maintenance may include making sure that there are no leaks on the pipes or cracks in the walls. The goal is to make sure that any problem with the property is resolved quickly and will not become bigger and more expensive to repair.

In addition to making sure the properties are well maintained they are also in charge of taking care of any necessary actions when it comes to the real estate property’s tenants.


Well, they act as a liaison between the owner and the tenants.

Real estate management serves as a contact for the tenants whenever any inquiries or problems arise at the property they are renting. They should continually assess the tenants’ satisfaction when it comes to the property’s amenities.

Moving Time

Real estate management companies are also responsible for tenants that are moving in and moving out. They are also the one who should take care of issues about non-payers.  This also includes evicting tenants when tenants are not paying the rent on time.  

When tenants are satisfied with the conditions of the rental unit, they are more likely to pay the rent on time and want to continue to rent the units they are renting. However, if a property management company is not on taking care of problems when they arise, this could mean lost profits in large repairs, lost rents causing lost profits for landowners and investors.

3. Financial Management Of The Real Estate

Managing all the finances of the real estate property is also part of the real estate management’s responsibilities. Real estate management companies handle all the financials of the rental property… money coming in and going out.  

And this includes…

The management is responsible for collecting all of the tenants’ payment for their rent.   They are also responsible for making sure that all bookkeeping and financial management of the property is done correctly… thus allowing the property’s bills and taxes can be done easily and correctly on a year to year basis.

When renting units a property management company must establish a budget that goes to marketing and advertising to gain potential tenants. Normally the costs associated with renting the units are taken out of the property management companies fees (paid by the property owners) so it is important for these services to be done correctly and efficiently to maximize the real estate management companies profits.  All financial transactions shall be recorded for taxes and reporting purposes, and the bookkeeping should result in balanced books thus making sure there was no missing or excess of money.

4. Maintenance Management Of The Estate

Another responsibility of real estate management companies is to ensure that the overall maintenance of the estate is done and is profitable for both the landowners and investors. To do this the real estate management company needs to maintain good records of repairs and investment into the property so that they can properly report these issues and expenses back to the landowner.

One of the biggest keys to keeping property costs down is to keep properties well managed and maintained avoiding any major damage expenses. In taking care of the rentals it is the property management company’s responsibility to make sure that all the rules and regulations of the state, federal law, and local governments are followed and administered correctly.

When a new or established property is taken on for management, it’s the responsibility of the management firm to take care of any maintenance and repairs needed by the property. Landscaping, electrical, plumbing, cracked walls, leaking roof, and appliances are just some of the things that they need to check when it comes to maintaining the properties. Scheduled maintenance and repair checkup helps to keep the management firm knowledgeable of what will be needed at the property and when.

Knowing the costs associated with maintaining the property is essential in how the property management company will bill the landowner and make profits. To keep costs low and profits high it is often important to maintain relationships with contractors so that issues at the property are taken care of quickly and efficiently when maintenance and repair of the properties are needed.

5. Risk Reduction Management

The regulations, responsibilities, and laws for having or managing a real estate property differ from state to state. Part of the responsibility of real estate management companies is to be knowledgeable when it comes to the laws and regulations of real estate property in that city and state.

Federal, state, and local government all have jurisdiction when it comes to real estate properties and its management activities.

In addition, real estate management companies must meet all reporting requirements of the federal, state, and local government.  This is why meticulous records for financial purposes and taxes are a must. This will also include all activities and tenant interactions being recorded and maintained for specific periods.

As an investor in rental properties, it is difficult to be able to know all the laws, regulations to rent and manage your properties. This where the opportunities for a real estate management companies to profit and help investors by managing and ensuring that their investments are well taken care of. Real estate management companies allow an investor to focus on investing, not the day to day operations of renting and managing the properties they own.

Final Thoughts On The Main Responsibilities Of Real Estate Management Companies

In this article, we talked about real estate management companies and how they help real estate owners, or landlords.  They play a major role in the rental property business.  

Real estate management companies have five main responsibilities when it comes to managing properties. Knowing these main responsibilities of real estate management companies is important for landlords (and future property managers).

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write them below.





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Article: The 5 Main Responsibilities Of Real Estate Management Companies


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