9 Most Wanted Amenities To Include In Your Small Office Space For Rent

“9 Most Wanted Amenities To Include In Your Small Office Space For Rent” written by Mike Marko

Thinking about how you can attract and retain tenants?

Nothing encourages businesses to rent a space in your commercial building than having the right amenities to offer them.

While providing a comfortable space is good, it eventually comes down to what you can offer them. Ask yourself: What sets your property apart from the competition?

Tenants want the most value out of their small office space for rent. They look for flexibility, functionality, and responsiveness from their rented space and property manager.

In short, they want something that can help improve their own operational efficiency.

Understanding what tenants want from their small office space for rent ensures satisfaction from their end and a steady cash flow to yours.

In this article, we will discuss the amenities you need to have in your small office space for rent to impress companies.

The Key Amenities in a Small Office Space for Rent

Having the right office amenities in your small office space for rent increases its quality and value and desirability for rent. A unique set of amenities differentiate a commercial building that is vibrant and filled from one that constantly needs to advertise its availability.

Defining What an Amenity is

Amenities are the benefits added to office spaces or properties that make a small office space for rent more desirable to tenants. Having a handful of these amenities provides more value to tenants.

In turn, the business renting the space can use these amenities to attract and retain the best employees. These are used to engage employees and create unique experiences to make them feel more at home.

So what exactly are the most in-demand office amenities that make people want to come to work in the morning?

Most Wanted Office Amenities for a Small Office Space for Rent

Competition is constantly increasing when it comes to commercial buildings. It is important to stay ahead of the game, attract new tenants and keep client satisfaction at a maximum. To ensure this, these are the following amenities your building and small office space for rent should have.


Elevators are one of the most energy-efficient means of transport. These are particularly useful in moving through floors quickly, without having to experience a shortening of breath. After all, the last thing anyone wants to do in the morning is to climb long flights of stairs.

Consider installing elevators with a reliable high-speed system, as well as CCTV cameras in them, to keep your tenants safe.

Fastlane Turnstiles

Many tenants can be particular about security issues. Having a fast lane turnstile with features such as card accessor and photo imaging card access systems restricts unauthorized access. This makes tenants feel safer.  

Fastlane turnstiles also increase the value of the property. Placing these in the lobby of your commercial building showcases professionalism and luxury.

Accessible Food Options

Consider allocating a space in your building to be turned into a food court. This is extremely convenient for employees who often do not have enough time to leave and grab lunch.

However, be mindful when it comes to deciding which food companies to lease your space to. The selection of food available can have a great impact on the overall vibe. It is also important to not overcrowd the area with food stalls so employees can still have a spacious area to dine in. If your building doesn’t have the needed space then adding vending machines in hallways is a good alternative amenity to add.

Rooftop Deck

Many businesses consider a rooftop deck more of a “nice-to-have” than a necessity. It serves as a place where they can take a break and relax. This feature works best in high-density areas where there is not a lot of outdoor space but has an attractive view from the top.

In addition, a rooftop lounge area can generally increase the value of a property by 6-8%. When considering adding a rooftop deck you should check with contractors and ensure that the roof is made to carry the weight of a deck and occupants.

Alternative Commuting Options

Making your property easily accessible is an excellent amenity to advertise. Alternative commuting methods to your property give employees different options when it comes to transportation. Providing easy access to public transit or bike locks to cyclists are some examples. Make your property convenient for any kind of vehicles. For those using electric powered vehicles, add charging ports in accessible areas.

Consider including bonus features such as weather-protected bicycle storage and accessible locker rooms. Adding these features provides certain benefits to employees such as:

  • Financial savings against the cost of taking the train or driving.
  • Improving general fitness and wellbeing.
  • A reduced impact on the environment.

From an HR perspective, the benefits of employees cycling, running, or walking to work are:

  • Increased well-being.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Lowered stress level.

Modern Fitness Centers

Providing a fitness center would be beneficial for employees who are striving to be fit and healthy. Adding this feature as an incentive would satisfy your tenants and produce lower health costs for everyone.

Shared Conferencing Space

Most businesses try to cut their costs where they can. This often means giving up on the idea of having their own private conference rooms.

Providing a space for tenants to rent for their conferences capitalizes on this need. However, it is vital that an organized scheduling system is in place in order to avoid any confusion and embarrassment.

Tenant Lounge

Adding a tenant lounge is highly recommended. This will serve as a place where tenants can unplug and rejuvenate.

Provide all the necessary equipment to make their experience a comfortable one: vending machines, coffee machines, soft chairs and maybe even a few games for maximum relaxation.

Fast and Reliable WiFi

A fast and reliable Internet connection has become the basic necessity for everyone today, and even more so for businesses.

For your tenants, a considerable amount of bandwidth in the office is as vital as electricity. It is advisable to provide fast and reliable WiFi for your property. This will allow tenants to conduct businesses and operations effectively without worrying about disconnection.

Final Thoughts On Office Amenities For A Small Office Space for Rent

As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your commercial buildings maintain or grow revenue all year round. This means being able to guarantee that your space remains attractive and satisfactory to tenants. At the same time, you must be able to deliver everything they need to run their businesses efficiently.

To do this, you must be able to stay updated with the amenities that can increase the visual and functionality value of your small office space for rent business.

That’s why in this article we discussed 9 of the most wanted (and valued) amenities that can keep your commercial building at the top of every company’s mind.

If you have any further questions regarding the amenities a property manager will need to include in a small office space for rent, leave them below.




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Article: 9 Most Wanted Amenities To Include In Your Small Office Space For Rent

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